Woman. Transform. Blog: Creative Woman, Tired of the Work Life Grind?

I had this idea to write about it. Get it out there. Mainly because I am not content with how my work life is going. Don’t get me wrong, I am greatly appreciative of the work but as a creative person, it doesn’t light me up. I mean I am 41 years old—haven’t I earned the right to be lit?

I know I mustn’t be alone. At this age, I had envisioned an entrepreneurial life, and traveler’s one at that. I imagined roaming from place to place making the world a better place as I figure out how to give back and be a contributor to the world God has given us to stewart. I figured I would have enough money to treat my family to their dreams and delight those around me with happiness. Somewhere along the way, I failed.

Although I managed to eradicate myself someone from the 9 to 5 grind, I am still grinding. But instead of festering in my misery and taking my eye off of the things that I have accomplished and do adore, like my family and especially my young son. I decided to share the daily struggle of my dilemma and see if I could start a conversation and connect with a community of women going through the  same thing.

I decided to turn back to the original and pure source of my happiness. Writing. It’s been there for me since before I knew how to term it. If I must be stuck in this rat race then I am going to make the most of it. Share it. Complain about it. And, find a way to feed my creative spirit so that the calling that resides in my belly doesn’t churn me up and consume me. This is my therapy. I will serve up my thoughts and insights on a regular basis and hope to see yours.

Tell me, as a creative woman, what do you do to quiet and feed the creative call while having to maintain a 9 to 5?