The Recipe of Me

Who am I?

My name is Keisha Reynolds and I am many persons with many perspectives, and I play many roles. I can’t be summed-up into a box for sure! I am a mother and a wife and those are my central roles in life—ones I will never shed. But I am also a writer and entrepreneur and in a sense, I will never shed those roles either. They were ones that I assumed from childhood and did without knowing, without thinking about what they were.

Now this one is a new admission for me but I must say it. I am a spiritual mystic. I am also a Christian but I do believe in complex involvement of the soul, which includes past lives and the ability to sense and feel spirits since they are energies that never die but transform. Whew! I am glad I got that out. I usually hide from this part of myself like a dirty little secret but it is so much of who I am and you will learn that should you choose to continue engaging.

It is my mission in life to transform those around me as I continue to transform and enhance myself. Primarily, I do this through travel, other cultures and experiencing different people BUT the stories that result from those experiences are CRAZY! I convey what I’ve learned through storytelling—plain and simple. My friends who know me sometimes hang onto my words for the juicy details because they know I am not sure of excitement. I throw myself into the experience of life! And then I share! I love to engage people orally or through the written world—captivating you gives me thrill. Knowing that you are a changed person because of what I shared sends me to the moon!

Listen, I am glad to have met you and to have shared with you a few ingredients that make up the recipe of me! Leave me a comment or connect with me on Twitter to let me know the ingredients that make up you: @keishamreynolds.