GW 002: Caring for White Bison – A Message to the World

Cynthia Hart-Button is healer, animal lover and a woman not confined by traditional societal boundaries. She and her husband have taken on the mission of caring for White Bison through the White Bison Association, a non-profit organization where she serves as CEO. She, and many others, believe the animals are meant to tell the world its time for change.

“They’re telepathic animals and they’re clear about their purpose here, and its to help mankind. It’s the tima2014-03-11 23.33.04me of the jor change and they’re here to be the symbols, they dig the ground up, they move the ground and they’re trying to tell us we need to rebirth. We need to get back to our roots, we need to start planting our gardens, we need to take care of the air, we need to take care of the water,” said Hart-Button.

Hart-Button has released a book about her year-long vision quest living with wolves in a cave. She explains that experience, along with a host of other adventures communing with animals has led her to her calling to work with the white buffalo. The book is called, The Light Within: My Journey Home to the White Buffalo. She is also writing a second book about plants and herbs.

“What we are creating here is a sanctuary about world peace,” she added. “There’s a lot of research that we are unfolding that helps humanity. This is history being made.”

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