GW 001: Transforming Women’s Lives through Surfing

Show Notes for ChicaBrava Podcast Interview – Episode 1


Ashley Blaylock started ChicaBrava, an empowerment surf retreat for women wanted to step outside of their comfort zones and learn the art of surfing. Of course there are those women who are experienced surfers and they come to explore and push their own boundaries. The women attend the retreat sessions from all over the world. Once a year, Blaylock and her staff also host a surfing camps for girls that come from disadvantaged backgrounds, called Camp Baya.

According to Blaylock, “Surfing is not something you can just put your mind to and dominate it. You will get your butt handed to you and that’s why it’s so great for type A personalities because its one of the only things that can really put you in check and teach you how to surrender and go with the flow and when you’re high toad pushing really hard to the other side at all costs. There’s a lot of parallels with life…”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to take risks.
  • How you can follow your own passion and become an inspiration to others. Once you become an inspiration, you can assist others in their journey to a fulfilled life.


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