Calling all Women!! How do you do it all??

Hey Ladies!

I was reflecting on the walk of the modern woman and became deftly aware of how different the walk of the woman is today in comparison to how it was even 40 years ago. Although I know things have changed and that the expectations are different for me than they were even for my mother I still feel like a failure!

  • I can’t seem to keep the house clean. I watch the dishes piling up and sometimes attack them before I head out the door for work because I can’t stand to look at them.
  • My bedroom is far from an oasis of love. It looks more like a tornado has touched down inside of it and I feel embarrassed by it every time I open the door but the feeling is short-lived because I am out of there and back to the frenzied pace of my life in no time!
  • I feel guilty because the same amount of time I have to unwind from work is the same amount of time I have to connect with my one-year old. Sad to say, sometimes I choose a hybrid approach and watch TV to unwind while I cuddle and spend time with him.

I am calling on all of you as I wonder how you make it work and look so damn easy! I am in the process of building my ideal life and schedule as an entrepreneur but still have a way to go. Interested in how you do it. Please leave a comment and also reach out on Twitter: @keishamreynolds.